top animation movie
min 2:58
by Nisren Abasher and
Anne-Lisa Lippoldt
11/ 2008

"from mouth to hand"
collective songs from Germany

"vom Mund in die Hand"

gemeinsame Lieder aus Deutschland
min 3:44

Anne-Lisa Lippoldt 2007 Ausschnitt aus Gesamtfilm

"walls are singing"
making-of video

While I was working on the wall, my ax made a singing sound which I recorded. By chance I found out that the man who used to live in that room originally comes from a tribe who plays an instrument called the waza. I recorded their sound in khartoum, too weeks before we even started the project. Interestingly the sound of the waza and the ax-sound were quiet similar. In an audio-installation I put them together. Just listen..

Anne-Lisa Lippoldt, Omdurman 2008
from mouth to hand
art project < the old house>

collective songs from Germany & Sudan
played by turns
min 6:12 (shortversion)

by Anne-Lisa Lippoldt 01/2008

Ticino sounds

Cima Norma,
Dangio, Ticino

3:04 min

Anne-Lisa Lippoldt